Are you looking for a therapist, a mentor, a guide, to practically help you with issues of anxiety, career, ADD / ADHD, family problems, sexual addiction or relationship problems ?

I’m Fabio Fina, and I can help you to find clarity and healing to create change. I provide individual, family and group therapy , in Boulder, Colorado, and worldwide via video and phone calls, drawing from over ten years of clinical experience.

I’m a clinical social worker (LSW.0009922124) and registered psychotherapist (NLC.0107688) and I offer a trauma-informed, attachment-based approach.

Many of my young adult clients have struggled with relationship issues, often finding themselves in co-dependent dynamics.
Many others were seeking help during a time of transition, between careers, relationships, or a big move.

My combination of training in the Master of Social Work, play therapy with elementary-age school children, Mediation and Restorative Justice facilitation, and over 4 years of men’s group work allow me to help you feel empowered and understood.



jay“Fabio might be the most skilled man at his trade. He has the ability to plug-in to what is actually going on in your life while holding the biggest view of who you are and then guide you through a process that takes you and your body right to the core of the matter you are wanting changed.”

~Jayson Gaddis, Relationship Psychotherapist and creator of the popular Smart Couple Podcastheight_250_width_250_2017-TRS-SC_3000-Logo-Full 



To schedule your FREE 20 minutes consultation, contact me using the form below:


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