“Fabio has the great combination that I look for in a life coach: he leads with his heart complimented by sharp insight that helps laser in what the issues are for his clients. He uses a relational approach to help guide clients out of their stuck places. If you haven’t yet experienced Fabio Fina, do it!”
~Rick Snyder, Life Coach and Psychotherapist, San Francisco



“Fabio Fina is my friend and soul brother on the path. He brings the unique gift of seeing and sensing through the veils. He has a humble, graceful, and powerful approach to coaching and supporting others. Fabio might be the most skilled man at his trade… He has the ability to plug-in to what is actually going on in your life while holding the biggest view of who you are and then guide you through a process that takes you and your body right to the core of the matter you are wanting changed. If you want affordable coaching that will simply change your life, I highly recommend Fabio and his work.”
~Jayson Gaddis, MA, Relationship Psychotherapist at  www.jaysongaddis.com

 “I was in the process of transitioning from a 15-year career in fashion to working as a Shaman, Intuitive Medium and Energy Healer.  I knew I wanted to blend both my skillsets together and needed clarity on how to achieve that.  static1.squarespace

Working with Fabio was instrumental as I was making a big career shift and building a new business.  Fabio blended the linear, creative and esoteric worlds together for me.  Through looking at my astrological chart Fabio pinpointed exactly who my target market was and how to communicate with them, the types of public events I should hold and what the curriculum of my work should look like.
I am happy and thankful to say my business, Style Rituals is flourishing!
I would absolutely recommend anyone to work with Fabio.  He is a creative thinker, good listener, patient, kind and very insightful.  He is a true expert at what he does.”   
~Colleen McCann, 37, Founder, Style Rituals
“I chose to meet with Fabio in order to explore the concept of business identity. I am an emerging entrepreneur, who seeks to embody the full expression of my being through my work in the world.
Fabio is a powerful mirror.
He sets the ground for self-exploration, and then carries the conversation into action steps.This is where dreams meet reality and hit the ground running.

Even through Skype, I was kinesthetically moved by particular moments, insights, and Fabio’s loving support. He is incredibly giving of himself: he gives his time, his intellect, his love, and his understanding. I am so grateful for the work we have done together. I expect I will continue to work with Fabio, as I see him as a precious wellspring of resources.”
~Ellen Sevigny, Yoga Teacher, Psychotherapist, founder of Yoga In Your Park

11091218_10100409348389412_1208404484_n“Fabio gives a grounded, earth-based guidance towards creating a vision of your life that is completely lead by the yearning of the heart.
He sees into and through blocks and assumptions in our paths, lighting the path for other seekers and visionaries to make their greatest possible mark on our planet at this critical juncture in the history of the Earth journey.
He is a soul reviver and kind friend on the way to revelation and heart-motivated actions.”
~Peregrine Whitehurst, Elementary School Teacher, Acupuncture Student, California


“Working with Fabio has been very powerful and healing for me.
I have worked with literally dozens of healers and therapists. Many of them body-centered psychotherapists.
While I have gotten a lot of value from many of them, I have had a hard time finding healers that actually help me work with all the energy and shock in my body in the most supportive way.
When I have a friend who is asking for a referral to do some serious healing work with a good therapist, I feel sad at how few therapists I could genuinely recommend.
I can only count 2 or 3 that I would recommend right now, and Fabio is one of them.

Fabio holds a very clear, gentle, and non-judgmental presence with all that arises in me – gently holding me while I let it move through… helping the sometimes stormy waters and choppy waves of trauma and shock move through me in a more gentle and soft way.”
~Richard Furr, Psychotherapist, Boulder, CO

el“With insight, patience, and warmth, Fabio took the overwhelming question of “WTF Am I Doing With My Life” and broke it down into manageable pieces. With gentleness, intelligence, and sincerity, he guided me through questions that gave me a deeper understanding of myself and the kind of role I can have in the world while creating a non-judgmental space of discovery, vulnerability, and growth.

I left our time together feeling seen, understood, and accepted and with a greater sense of clarity, empowerment, and possibility about where my life can go. Many thanks!”
~ Elizabeth Houghton, North Carolina

“This session was seriously amazing. I didn’t know what to expect going into it, but I was wowed when I left. I have had a Reiki treatment before but this was different and seemed more Sa RAhpowerful. The session honestly felt as though I was experiencing some magical shamanic rite and despite re-living some rather ‘negative’, emotional or sad experiences, Fabio was able to show me how to connect with energy that made me feel grounded and secure while these memories were released.
A few days after the session, I feel so much lighter and I really do feel as if a lot of what I had been storing inside has been released.

I look forward to another session and I feel very hopeful about the transformative healing that has and will take place, because unlike Reiki, which requires so many treatments for a really noticeable long term change, the effects of this session were felt immediately and the energetic transformation has been very powerful and the effects can continue to be felt and the energy can continue to be released when on your own. I feel very grateful and blessed to have been introduced to such a life changing experience. Thank you Fabio:-)”
~Sarah, Massage Therapist, Fort Collins, CO


“Fabio and his intense passion for maps is an excellent guide for the territory within. Moving along the forest of our teeming relationships with life and it’s complexities, especially around finances, has been a golden experience. Fabio is a gifted facilitator and a burgeoning map-maker, at home with the paradoxes and the narrow passages of our interiors.

I would strongly suggest taking a journey with him.
Ancient myth suggests that you must trust the guide who leads you toward the center of yourself. And what you find there, perhaps, is a wealth that is beyond words.”
~ Kevin McKeag, Drum Teacher, Master Gardener, Boulder, CO

“The Money and Healing group offered by Fabio has been a deeply healing and empowering experience. I discovered how my self-worth, confidence, and lack of power all connected with my beliefs about money and then was able to work through this in an empowered environment. I could not recommend this group more, to anyone who struggles with self-worth, power, finances, life purpose, career and lack etc.”

~ Craig Holliday, Non-Dual Spiritual Teacher and Counselor, LPC (Durango, CO) http://www.craigholliday.com/

“Fabio Has a gentle and strong way of facilitating groups.
I have found the strength of the people he attracts and the heart he puts into the structure of his work. I recommend his facilitation.”

~Ann Hackney, Nature-based Mentor and Life Coach, Boulder, CO

On Fabio:
Fabio’s deep intuition for transformative experience, his heart full intention, and capacity for finding excellent perspectives and weaving them together have all inspired me deeply in both my personal and professional growth. I have quickly come to trust the curriculum he creates and feel safe in the space he holds for discussion and sharing. He is a fearless adventurer on the high seas of healthy change, and his leadership invokes bold questioning.

On the Money course:
I have met with great insight in Fabio’s Money Healing course that is shaking up old patterns of working with my values and my relationship to finance, and discovering precious new tools to recreate that part of my life. I appreciate the supportive environment and having others on the journey, which help me digest these new ways of thinking, and build community I can be accountable to in finding ever more healthy and abundant ways to work with my finances.
~Meagan Chandler, Performance Artist, Embodied Educator, Agent of Change (www.meaganchandler.com


“Fabio had a crystal, smooth and beautiful way of guiding me to CLARITY and to rediscover the depths of my inner journey with money, creativity and power of manifestation; How it all may be related to my cultural/family programming; or how some thought patterns in the subconscious parts of my mind may be in conflict with those more conscious parts that “desires” abundance, and therefore, jeopardizing my outcome.

Thank you, Fabio, for making it a very HUMAN Process, and bringing back the LOVE to the concept of MONEY in my life!!!”
~Natalie Eidi, Ceremonialist, Astrologer, Geneva, Switzerland

 “Fabio has created a truly beautiful class, container, and journey for anyone who is not in harmony with their finances, and is ready to do the “real work”.
The practical tools he provides are game changers in and of themselves; they alone are worth “the price of admission”. But the “real juice” in his deeply cultivated ability to traverse his own inner depths, which in turn enables him to masterfully help others to do the same. The self-awareness and healings that were birthed for me, with his guidance, have changed my course with money.”
~ Teya Reyna, Real Estate Investor

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