Indiscriminate Earth

We drill holes in the ground,

the earth shakes 

and 1000 people lose their homes,

cold sweats and sleepless nights

stalk the dreams of those 

who lost it all


We, amnesiac atheists, killers of animist gods,

trap ancient gasses in the atmosphere,

and enormous hurricanes

with the wingspan of continents

decimate thousands of lives

drowning our dreams of western progress


We, freedom pioneers of I-do-what-I-want-cause-I’m-free,

build homes on mountains and sacred sites,

the heat rises

and when the wildfires come

plant, human and fauna lives burn like bacon


Maybe Nature, the great belly of the Mother Earth,

does not discriminate

People of color, poor folks, and indigenous are

first at facing the weight of the collapse

first at feeling the heat of the wave

first to drown under unpaid [spiritual] debts

of millions of un-reciprocal ancestors


Maybe Nature, that great green and blue Earth, 

does not discriminate

She thinks of us humans as a group of kin

something we have forgotten

She thinks of us as we used to behave

“What you do to one, you do to all of us”

She remembers us as caring for each member of the tribe

In olden times of Original Instructions


The Social Justice Warrior,

wearing the atheist mask 

While hiding the One-God mentality,

cries at the disaster impacting first

those historically enslaved and underrepresented


Maybe Nature, in her majesty,

does not discriminate

she responds

to the betrayal

of these humans 

that once behaved

as a


of kin.


By Fabio Fina

Photo by Sustainable Man

#climatechange #colonialism #reciprocity #remember #culturalorphans #endofempire #latecapitalism#poetry #ecopsychology #rewild

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