Niching and your place in the ecology of Life

I love to look at marketing, career and Niching as our Place in the Ecology of Community and Life.
Career and business then have the possibility of becoming something that serves the relationships with each other, and with the sacredness (and practical tangibility) of our natural world.

The quotes below are from Tad’s most recent book.

“What if the Mayan creation story had something to it in their understanding that humans were put on this Earth to show appreciation and praise for the beauty of the creation through our praise but also our grief?

What if the reason you were alive was just to learn how to open your heart to love a little more every day and to show your praise and appreciation for how good life is?

What if we all show our love of life in different ways?

What if we could separate out the conversation about life purpose and your role in the marketplace?

What if the purpose of life was to discover your gifts and the meaning of it came from giving those gifts away?

What if your niche was designed for your personality and your purpose had more to do with your soul?

Your nice may not be your life purpose.” ~Tad Hargrave, from the book The Niching Spiral

Photo by Leroy Schultz

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