The Entrepreneurial Warrior

I live in Northern Colorado, the Front Range at the feet of the majestic Rocky Mountains.

For years I have swam and swatted ideas with entrepreneurs in Boulder.

How do I grow my business?

How do I become effective?

How do I hack my life for maximum efficiency?

How do I make the most money?

I have a budding inner entrepreneur inside of me, a part that is highly visionary, idealistic, loves money, and wants to create massive content to serve as many people as people in a hurting world.
And that part esteems and tries to learn from the likes of Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Steven Pressfield, and Eben Pagan. That part feels thrilled by the ability of climbing the mountain to the top, discovering the most efficient ways to speed-read, take 20-minute naps, and be the most productive badass around.

I have learned a lot, and while all of this is cool, I notice a baseline mythology in the entrepreneurial mind, one that springs right out of the steaming ashes of the Greek and Roman Empires.

Conquer your procrastination.

Defeat your negative thoughts.

Beat everybody out of business.

Climb to the top. CRUSH it.


Without demonizing the part of me who has a Martian, firey, warrior-driven spirit, I do want to be mindful to notice that often, a lot of the basis for this modern entrepreneurial ways of being are based on empire and warrior-ship.
And the examples  given by inspiring people such as (one of my teachers) John DeMartini are often based on American, British, Roman or Greek (Empire) philosophers.
Not much mention of Indigenous people, women (and no, Ayn Rand does not count) and overall underrepresented “minorities”.

One reason for this, as my teacher Martin Prechtel likes to say, is the modern business/entrepreneurial worldview and the one held by indigenous peoples are incompatible.
[I do want to note that there is no such thing as ONE indigenous worldview, and instead, just like ecosystems, there are Multitudes. The One, monolithic worldview comes from the IndoEuropean language we use]

The question is: how do we keep achieving AND maintain and sustain the Earth?

How do we go full-force and confidently for what-we-want, while still keeping in mind the wellbeing of the planet and henceforth our future generations?

This is a question that I am excited to keep exploring and invite you to keep exploring with me.

How do the inner entrepreneur coexists and serves the indigenous one inside of us?

May the research continue, and the odds be ever in favor of that which makes life live.


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