Money Hunter, Money Gatherer

A common precept in the coaching community is to present ourselves with an attitude of positivity, happiness and feeling of abundance.

But what happens when, as a helpers, we ourselves are feeling depleted or, even worse, find our bank accounts to be broke?

How do we healers present ourselves to our clients, the very ones we are supposed to help in coming out of the hole of despair and confusion they are finding themselves, when our own home terrain is unstable and steeped in fear?

In this psychologized age, many are familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of need (Maslow himself modeled his concept from the Blackfoot Nation beliefs).
Maslow speaks of the need to first fulfill our food, water, shelter security priorities, BEFORE we can rise to meeting our self-actualization needs (and therefore being about to focus on our soul work).

This model is, as most western models are, individualist and linear.
You get only one chance.

But what if there is another face to life?

What if our work and the embodiment of our Soul’s imperative can help us build a thriving human community intimately connected to the cycles of the natural world?

I’m still figuring this out.

But I can tell you that when I am hungry and swimming in Scarcity waters, the back part of my brain gets triggered, and I scout Craigslist, a list of past clients, or the local mall, looking for jobs/money as I was thirstly and desperately searching for food.

Now, try this:

What if instead, for the next hour, I relax, meditate, dance to some good tunes, and re-connect to WHY I am doing what I am doing? What if I switch perspective from Getting to Giving?

My teacher Martin Prechtel often encourages us to “become breasts, instead of suckling for milk”.

In a time of cultural poverty, soul scarcity, and hungry pockets, we are being called to become the adults we were never initiated into becoming, moment-by-moment, and from that place, reach into the frontal lobe, and feed inspiration to the people around us.
So that our common children may have a future.

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