Work as Spiritual Path

I am a Gemini: multi-interested, multi-faceted, hungry for diverse teachings and experiences.

Maybe you can relate.

Maybe you have found yourself, like me, moving from job to job, seeking different experiences, trying to make an income following that flicker of suggestions coming from the inside of your chest, the whispers of your soul.

Maybe like me, you have found yourself poor, searching for shelter and food, because of (structural cultural problems) and your tenacity in your search for work that feels dignified and meets your skills and soul calling.

Then my eyes opened. There is no such thing as shitty work. All work is sacred.

I don’t ultimately care about what I do.
It’s not for me, anyway.

I like to be fed and live a comfortable life, but that is not ultimately my goal. The whole system is in need of major restructuring.

May my work be in service of Spirit, and the Spirit of the Land.

My goal is on, like Martin Prechtel says, planting seeds that I will never see flower. I am planting seeds for a time beyond my own, for the future generation.

So may my work be grounded in something both material and spiritual.

May “it” feed me and clothe me, and may it help the future ones rise in human world that remembers and honors that sacredness of the ground under our feet.

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